Our Purpose

Harvest Fair was born out of the need to take action to achieve gender equality in Australia.

We strongly believe that change is needed to make our workforce more inclusive and flexible so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute and meet their potential. When everyone can contribute, the benefits flow through to the individual, the family, the community and the overall economy.

Change has to happen at the grassroots level and work its way up the chain – and that is where you can help! As consumers, we all hold such power in our wallets and we can vote for the type of world we want to live in by purchasing from businesses that take active steps to make our world a better place.

With more women in our workforce and equitable models of working that support women’s economic empowerment, we can move closer to achieving gender equality in Australia.

Why support Harvest Fair

  • The gender pay gap in Australia remains at over 14% and has only reduced by 2.5% in the last decade.
  • A report by the World Economic Forum indicated that gender equality would take 200 years to achieve if we maintain the status quo.
  • The long term impact of gender inequity is that women earn less, retire with 50% less superannuation, and as such are more vulnerable to poverty, homelessness, mental health issue and violence across the lifespan.
  • The number of older women experiencing homelessness has increased by over 30% in the last six years.
  • Lack of financial security is a key contributor to women staying in domestic violence relationships.
  • By purchasing a Harvest Fair meal, you are providing employment opportunities to empower women in our local community.

Our impact

  • 1,075 meals sold since October 2017
  • 790 hours of employment provided for women who would otherwise be unemployed
  • Five women supported into employment with Harvest Fair since October 2017

Meet the team

Amy Orange – Founder and Director

Amy is a social entrepreneur who holds an MBA and an Honours degree in psychology – she is frustrated by traditional models which no longer fit our modern society, and is passionate about social justice, gender equality and redefining business practices in accordance with the triple bottom line. Throughout a decade of working and volunteering in the not for profit community services sector Amy has seen many women who have been unable to access or meet their potential in mainstream employment due to a lack of flexibility in working conditions and a lack of understanding from employers. Amy recognised a need for businesses to look at a new flexible way of operating which meets the needs and celebrates the values of women, and Harvest Fair was created to explore this very concept. 

Amy was the proud 2017 winner of the Women in Innovation SA Award in the category of Women’s Initiative in Business for Harvest Fair, and was also recently recognised as one of the InDaily Top 40 Under 40 business leaders in South Australia.

Feel free to connect with Amy on LinkedIn

Culinary Creator

Heaven was born in Ethiopia and moved to Australia when she was 12, and shortly after that had a baby girl.

Heaven’s childhood in Ethiopia and upbringing was rich with love, family and togetherness. The culture and influences of watching her grandparents cook traditional Ethiopian food, with their recipes and techniques that have been passed down the generations, has shaped her cooking style today.

Family, coffee and food, is central to Heaven’s happiness. She has a special interest in the nutrition of food, the origins and how good healthy food not only fuels your body, but also feeds your mind and soul.

The strong values her family installed in her from childhood, has lead her in good stead for the struggles, heartbreak, and loneliness that was to come in her teens and into adulthood. Heaven is now passionate about helping other people improve their lives and happiness, and believes in the importance of hard work and education.

Culinary Assistant

Joy came to Harvest Fair as a Culinary Assistant through the Royal Society for the Blind. Born in the early 1970’s, Joy was born albino with only 10% vision but she has not let this stop her from doing the things she loves. With a passion for music she plays piano, guitar and saxophone, and performed in many school and church choirs. Her love of live music inspired her to create Adelaide LIVE, an online community to support, encourage and promote live music in South Australia which has over 1500 followers.

Joy is a single mother of five children, and she has prided herself on supporting her children to become the best they can be through offering them support, stability and love, and seeing them blossom through life’s challenges. Joy puts the needs and wellbeing of her children above all else, in particular the needs of one of her children who has severe autism and who requires constant care and supervision.

Joy brings over 30 years of experience in various hospitality and customer service roles, and has enormous potential; however, she has been very challenged in finding flexible employment which offers her the necessary balance between work and family, particularly as she is unable to drive due to her vision impairment.

The Harvest Fair team are inspired by Joy’s resilience and strength and feel lucky to have Joy on board with the support of the Royal Society for the Blind and technology aids that assist Joy to undertake her role effectively. Joy enjoys cooking and is excited to be part of a unique team who inspires and contributes to a better community.

The Harvest Fair team works under the guidance of two very experienced advisors who share their knowledge and connections across Government, non-profit and private sectors, including the food industry.

Moira Were

Founder of Chooks SA

Moira has worked from the kitchen table as a direct service social worker through to the cabinet table as a Chief of Staff to a Minister. She has extensive strategic and operational experience in the not-for-profit sector and in government at state, regional, national & international levels. As Founder of Chooks, Moira is passionate about applying a gender lens to business and social enterprise, and aims to increase the number of female-led enterprises in Australia. Chooks is a network of over 2,000 people who support and contribute to Moira’s vision.

Dr Darren Oemcke

Director of Hydra Consulting

Darren is leader in business model modernisation, digital impacts on value chains, immersive learning environments and product development. He has developed and utilises tools for customer facing business models. He is a co-founder of consultant network Icons Alliance, knowledge management software developer Bowerbase and tourism business Invina. He is a partner in advisory firm Hydra Consulting, specialising in competitive business models and operational improvement with a focus on value chains with clients in the food manufacturing industry.

Our Supporters

Harvest Fair wouldn’t have been able to launch without the support of our community.

In 2016 we ran a crowd-funding campaign through StartSomeGood in which over 30 people generously donated. As part of this crowdfunding campaign we also undertook a live pitch at Pitch4Good during Open State in which we raised more funds from our audience, which was generously matched by Open State.

Our Patrons of Equity who donated to our campaign include:

Karen Brown
Hannah Wheaton
Kate Orange
Nina Mekisic
Vincenza Pearce
Jane & Neil Orange
Marie Sloan

Join our Team

Would you like to be part of the Harvest Fair movement?
As our business grows we will be opening applications for our Culinary Creators so please watch this space and follow our Facebook page for announcements.

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