Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who are Harvest Fair meals suited to?

A. All of our Harvest Fair meals are suitable for anyone within 25km of Adelaide who would like the convenience and nutrition that we offer in our delivered meals that are ready to heat and eat. Our menu also offers options which can cater to the dietary and textural requirements of people with special dietary needs, disabilities which impede swallowing, or who simply are unable to prepare meals for themselves.

Q. How do I order from Harvest Fair?

A. Harvest Fair ready-made meals are ordered online using credit card (Visa and Mastercard) through our secure payment gateway (we use Stripe). Check out our menu, select minimum four meals to add to your cart, check your postcode is within the delivery area and then head to checkout for payment.

Q. Do I have to order online?

A. Online ordering the preferred option for purchases to ensure your order is processed correctly; however, we will take orders and payment over the phone for those who do not have access to the internet.

For bulk orders of 15+ meals which require customisation please refer to the section below on placing bulk orders (relevant for supported accommodation providers and large businesses).

Q. Can I place a bulk order of meals?

A. You can order as many meals as you like; however, for bulk orders of 15+ meals which require customisation it is recommended that you download our bulk order form and email it to – we will provide an invoice for payment of bulk orders made by and paid for by a single organisation.

Q. Do I need to have an account to order?

A. Yes, setting up an account only takes a couple of minutes and means that you don’t need to enter your details again when you next order from Harvest Fair.

Q. Are there any contracts or commitments required to purchase Harvest Fair meals?

A. No commitment at all! There are no lock in contracts or subscriptions required.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

A. We want you to enjoy our meals and we are committed to offering the best quality that we can. If you find that any of our meals are not up to scratch please contact us on or call 0458 296 855 and we will arrange for a refund or replacement meal.

Q. Where do you deliver to?

A. We deliver to homes or businesses within 25km of Adelaide CBD. You can check if your postcode falls within the delivery zone on the checkout page.

Q. What does delivery cost?

A. There is no extra charge for delivery as this is included in the price of the meal.

Q. Is there a minimum quantity for delivery?

A. Yes we require a minimum order of four meals for delivery to be viable.

Q. How often to you deliver?

A. We deliver once per week on Tuesdays between 9am and 5pm. We apologise that we are unable to guarantee a delivery time within these times. If you are a business wanting the meals for lunch please indicate in the comments box and we will do our best to deliver before lunchtime.

Q. When is the cut-off date for delivery?

A. For orders delivered on Tuesdays, the cut off date for orders is 9pm the previous Friday.

Sign up for our newsletters and reminders to ensure you don’t miss the cut-off and to be advised of any changes to delivery dates (as a result of public holidays).

Q. Are my meals delivered fresh or frozen?

A. Our meals are designed to be eaten fresh by the Use By date; however, it is up to you if you would like to freeze your meals before the Use By date. We always recommend meals containing seafood are eaten sooner rather than later.

Q. How are my meals delivered?

A. Your meal order will be delivered in a foam esky with an ice pack. This will keep your food at a safe temperature (under 4 degrees Celsius) for up to eight hours. We recommend that you transfer your meals to a fridge as soon as you can.

Q. Do I need to be available to receive the meals when they are delivered?

A. For home deliveries – No you don’t need to be there; your esky will be left at your front door unless otherwise specified in instructions at checkout. It is your responsibility to advise us if the meals need to be placed elsewhere.

For deliveries to businesses, the meals will be delivered into reception and it is preferable that someone is available to receive the meals and transfer to a fridge upon delivery.

Q. Will you re-use the esky and ice pack?

A. Yes, we are conscious of our environmental impact. If you are a return customer it would be appreciated if you can leave your esky and ice pack at your front door for us to collect when we deliver your next order. We are also happy to take your used containers back for recycling.

Q. What size are your meals?

A. Our meals are packaged as individual servings which range from 250-450g, and are suitable as a large lunch or a medium dinner option for one person. Family size servings are something that we may offer into the future – subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated!

Q. You offer meals which cater to those people with special dietary and textural requirements – how do you ensure these options are categorised correctly?

A. We take this offering very seriously as we know special dietary requirements often exist for health reasons. All meals on our menu have been analysed by two accredited practising dietitians for nutritional content and categorisation into special diets and textural options based on the ingredients used. If your dietary requirement is life-threatening in nature it is always best to check the ingredient listing yourself, which will be available in the product description for each meal, to make your informed decision.

Q. Can I customise my meal?

A. Our meals are designed to cater for special dietary and textural requirements. You are able to customise meals which have options to add, or replace ingredients – meals with these options will be clearly stated in the product description. You can specify your preferences in the instructions at checkout. If you would like to request a customisation which is not a listed option please email or call us to discuss.

Q. How do you keep the meals fresh?

A. As soon as our meals are cooked and cooled, they are packaged into airtight containers with tamper-evident tabs to maintain freshness and quality. There are no preservatives or additives in Harvest Fair meals.

Q. Are your ingredients sourced locally?

A. We are committed to supporting SA suppliers where possible, and where local isn’t possible we then seek suppliers within Australia. Some ingredients which are not produced in Australia (such as some spices) are sourced from overseas to maintain the cultural authenticity of our meals.

Q. Harvest Fair is a registered NDIS service provider – what does this mean?

A. Harvest Fair is a registered NDIS provider which means that we can prepare and deliver meals to participants under the NDIS within Core Supports – Assistance with Daily Living. The NDIS can subsidise the cost of preparation and delivery of meals up to $11.61 per meal. The NDIS does not cover the cost of the ingredients.

Q. There is a gap between what the NDIS will pay and what the cost per meal is – why is this and how do I pay this gap?

A. The NDIS will not cover people with disability for general costs associated with daily living, including the cost of food and groceries. Therefore, the amount the NDIS will allow towards the cost of the meal only subsidises the preparation and delivery of the meal; the cost of the ingredients is the responsibility of the participants. This requires a split payment process, and the process used will depend on whether it is an individual ordering the meals, or if it is an organisation ordering the meals on behalf of a participant. Please contact Harvest Fair to discuss the best arrangement for meals subsidised through the NDIS.

Q. I would like to order meals as an NDIS participant – How do I do this?

A. You may need to check with your NDIS planner to see if the meals are included as part of your approved NDIS plan. If your NDIS plan is self-managed, then you can choose to spend your NDIS funds on purchasing Harvest Fair meals. If you would like to order meals through your NDIS plan please contact Amy on 0458 296 855 or email to discuss your needs.

Q. I would like to order Harvest Fair meals under my home care package – can I do this?

A. Consumer Directed Care (CDC) clients with a level 1, 2, 3 or 4 Home Care Package (who meet the eligibility criteria in regard to assistance with nutrition, hydration, meal preparation and diet, assistance with preparing meals, including special diets for health, religious, cultural or other reasons; assistance with using eating utensils and assistance with feeding) can discuss their delivered meal needs with their Service Provider, who can order meals through Harvest Fair for home delivery.

Q. Can my carer order on my behalf?

A.If a carer has authorisation to order meals against an NDIS plan or home care package they can contact Amy at Harvest Fair on 0458 296 855 or email to discuss the needs of the recipient.

Q. Can Harvest Fair take bulk orders for meals from Supported Accommodation Organisations (including disability and aged care facilities)?

A. Yes, we recommend that bulk orders are made using a bulk order form which is emailed to Bulk orders under a single organisation will be invoiced directly.

Q. Do you do catering?

A. We are able to provide catering for corporate lunches up to 50 people. Please contact Amy on 0458 296 855 or email to discuss your catering needs and to get a quote.

Q. Will you be changing your menu offering?

A. Yes we hope to be able to offer a wider and changing range of meals for customers as we grow our business. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated on any menu changes!

Q. Can we provide feedback on your meals?

A. Yes please! We want to provide meals that people will buy and to do that we need your feedback, both good and bad! You can either review the meal product on our website, or you can email with your feedback and any suggestions for meals. We would also love you to leave a review on our Facebook page.

Q. Your food packaging is plastic – are you considering more environmentally friendly packaging?

A. Yes we are very conscious of our environmental footprint, and we are investigating ways to package our food in eco-friendly ways which doesn’t compromise the freshness and quality if our meals. The plastic containers that we currently use are recyclable but they are also good solid containers and so we encourage people to wash and re-purpose them as household containers – you can even use them to plant seedlings!

Q. Are you a not-for-profit organisation?

A. No, Harvest Fair is registered as a private company; however, we identify as a social enterprise which means that the we trade to fulfil a social mission, and the majority of our profits are rei-invested into activities which support that social mission. We were purposeful in our decision not to register as a not-for-profit organisation – we want to set a benchmark for other organisations to show that you don’t need to be a charitable organisation to incorporate positive social impact into your business model.

Q. You aren’t a not-for-profit yet your marketing states that all of your profits will be re-invested back into activities which support our social mission – what does this mean?

A. Our social impact is just as important to Harvest Fair as our financial success. The majority of our profits will go back into providing employment, training and networking opportunities to boost the skills and confidence of our women for ongoing career pathways. The remainder of our profits will be invested into growing our business – in order to have real social impact we need to scale our business to employ and train more and more women across Australia.

Q. Your social mission is to advance gender equity – how do you propose to achieve this?

A. We will advance gender equity through a number of ways. At the individua level we will offer employment, training and networking opportunities to boost the skills, confidence and connections of the women we employ to kick start, or re-start, their career pathway. On a community level we aim to set a new benchmark for providing equitable employment conditions that allow women to not only participate, but to thrive in our workforce. And on a macro level, we provide a platform to raise awareness of the inequities in our employment system to hold current and future business owners to account in their decision making.

Q: Are you looking for investors and sponsors?

A. Yes Harvest Fair is seeking interest from socially-minded investors and sponsors to support and grow our business, and subsequently, our social impact. If you would like to support Harvest Fair in any capacity please contact the Founder, Amy, on 0458 296 855 or email for a chat.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to ask…