Our purpose

Harvest Fair was born out of the need to take action to achieve gender equality in Australia. The gender pay gap in Australia remains at over 16% and has only reduced by 1% in the last seven years. We believe that this persistent pay gap is due to an outdated and fundamentally flawed employment regime – it is a time-restricted system which often doesn’t allow women the flexibility to balance between career aspirations and family values. When forced to choose, women will often choose family. The long term impact of gender inequity is that women earn less, have less superannuation, and as such are more vulnerable to poverty, homelessness, mental health issue and violence across the lifespan. A recent report by the World Economic Forum indicated that gender equality would take 170 years to achieve if we maintain the status quo.

This is not acceptable. We can do something about this!

There are many factors which contribute to gender inequality, but we believe that one response must be to create equitable employment opportunities and conditions for women which empowers women and aligns with their core values to get more women into, and thriving, in our workforce.

Harvest Fair explores this equitable employment concept by testing a new way of working which allows employees to negotiate and meet planned outputs by an agreed time, but which doesn’t restrict them to working between 9-5. We will work 1-1 with these women to identify their goals (which may be unrelated to the food industry) and assist them to pursue those goals through a personalised MyHarvest Fund for training and resources, and we will connect them to networks that they might not have had access to otherwise.

Each woman has a unique story and important message for our community – Join these remarkable women on their journey as Harvest Fair strives to advance gender equity in order to accelerate gender equality in Australia.

With more women in our workforce and new equitable models of working that support women’s economic empowerment, we can move closer to achieving gender equality in Australia.