Meet the Founders

Amy Orange – Founding Director, Harvest Fair

Amy is a social entrepreneur who holds an MBA and an Honours degree in psychology – she is frustrated by traditional models which are no longer relevant in modern society, and is passionate about social justice, gender equality and using business as a tool to create positive social impact. Over her eight years of experience working and volunteering in the not for profit community services sector Amy has seen many women who have been unable to meet their potential in mainstream employment due to a lack of flexibility in working conditions and a lack of understanding from employers. Amy recognised a need for businesses to look at a new flexible way of operating which meets the needs and celebrates the values of women, and created Harvest Fair to explore this very concept. Amy’s experience in program and people management, and knowledge from working with family carers in disability, aged care and chronic conditions brings an understanding of the needs that Harvest Fair can meet with both our staff and our customers.

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Adrianna Pearce – Founding Consultant

Adrianna is passionate about making a difference through the power of storytelling. With a Bachelor in Communications, a Masters degree in Film and over a decade of working in marketing, advertising and PR, Adrianna is driven to use her creativity to improve the lives of others. She also holds a Diploma in Community Services and has a shared passion for gender equality. Adrianna is a proud mother of two, Jackson and Lilli.


Harvest Fair Advisory Team

The Harvest Fair team works under the guidance of two very experienced mentors who share their knowledge and connections across Government, non-profit and private sectors, including the food industry.

Moira Deslandes – Founder, Chooks SA and Director, Moira Deslandes Consulting
Moira is a valued mentor who has shared her vast knowledge, experience and connections with the Harvest Fair team from the start. Moira has worked from the kitchen table as a direct service social worker through to the cabinet table as a Chief of Staff to a Minister. She has extensive strategic and operational experience in the not-for-profit sector and in government at state, regional, national & international levels. As Founder of Chooks, Moira is passionate about applying a gender lens to business and social enterprise, and aims to increase the number of female-led enterprises in Australia.


Dr Darren Oemcke – Partner and Director, Hydra Consulting

Darren is a valued coach to Harvest Fair who has been helping us with both technical and business aspects of getting started. We have appreciated his insights into growing our business and his coaching us to be ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Darren is a partner in Hydra Consulting, who specialise in helping companies to grow and to execute on their ideas, with a very strong focus on customer understanding as a key growth driver.