Harvest Fair delivers delicious ready-made meals direct to your home

– and we are using the power of good food to advance gender equity in Australia.

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Check if we deliver to your area

Check if we deliver to your area

By purchasing our ready made meals you are helping us to provide employment and skills training to women in Australia.
Harvest Fair is a social enterprise which provides flexible employment and skills development for women to get more women into, and thriving, in our workforce.
These women are our Culinary Creators – they harness their love of cooking to prepare ready made meals that are home delivered.
Our meals are available for purchase by the general public, however we also specialise in providing a menu which caters to the specific dietary and textural needs of people with disability, chronic physical and/or mental health conditions or who are undertaking acute medical treatment.
We love that we not only get to boost the skills and confidence of our local women, but we also get to nourish those people that need some extra care with good food, made with love.

Harvest Fair is a registered NDIS Provider

Find out more about Our Story and our amazing Culinary Creators